IT Service Desk

Our Service Desk provides a real value add offering that significantly improves IT Support. We provide a faster response time which is typically cost neutral or better. In essence, we help your business grow by allowing your staff to do their job with the least amount of downtime. The Service Desk it the central hub to all our support arms.

The Service Desk Offering provides remote IT Support to your staff nationwide, up to 24*7*365.

IT Service Desk Features:

The CMS Service Desk accounts for both 1st and 2nd Line IT Support and is UK based (although we support users worldwide). Unlike some companies, every member of our Service Desk staff is a highly trained IT professionals who is able to take ownership for each call to diagnose and resolve issues as fast as possible. This means that with the CMS Group Service Desk, you will never encounter a call logger, in fact, the person who answers your call will be capable of resolving the issue straight away.

To give you an idea, the majority of our staff on the Service Desk are capable of rebuilding an exchange server. They are very technical and we are extremely proud of them.

IT Service Desk Stats:

The benefit of having such highly trained IT Service Desk staff combined with a highly developed model of IT Support means that we have some impressive statistics to represent the work we carry out:

91.4% of calls answered under 2 mins

89% first contact resolution

3:37 min avg. call handling time

Only 6% of call require Field Support escalation

Over 99% customer support satisfaction for 5 yrs running

What does this mean? – We have numerous examples whereby the CMS IT Service Desk has fixed a problem within 5 minutes; previously the call could have taken in excess of 24 hours to close. Staff productivity benefits enormously from improved IT Support.

Keeping You in the Loop:

We understand that it can be frustrating when you don’t know what’s happening with your calls (especially considering what a critical role IT plays in today’s businesses), that’s why we make our IT Support as transparent as possible allowing you to know exactly what’s happening and when. We have numerous methods to keep you up to date such as:

  • Email updates on each action and status change
  • Email alerts on any escalations
  • Any possible type of report
  • A portal you can log in to view the status

3rd Party Managment:

A key feature of CMS Support is that we can provide full 3rd Party Management. 3rd Party Management provides a Single Point of Contact escalation to third party vendors for supported elements.

To initiate this, CMS will liaise with 3rd Party application providers, documenting existing support contracts, agreed SLA’s and contact details through a thorough take-on process. Any issues relating to 3rd parties can then be handled by CMS instead of your staff. This means that we will absorb all the time it takes to speak with 3rd parties and get the case through to resolution, along with giving you a single point of contact. Ultimately freeing up your time so that it can be spent in more valuable areas. Some examples of 3rd Parties includes:

  • Phone Systems
  • WAN
  • Applications
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Interface’s
  • Tills

What Next?

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