Why CMS?

Our focus is to build long-lasting, strong partnership with our customers whereby on top of delivering great support, we also work closely with you and invest our time in our clients to create an IT Strategy that ensures IT supports the business objectives and assists the business is growing.

Nationwide Coverage

Whether you have a single site or many across the country, we can help. Both with remote support and on-site support. The below image shows you the locations of our customer’s sites:

Key Behaviour

Our Attitude

Amongst our customers, CMS has built a reputation for being both highly skilled as well as going above and beyond, this is by no means an accident. We have built a culture whereby our staff work extremely closely with our customers (from your dedicated account manager, to support engineers) building strong personal relationships, and thus developing a desire to give the customer the best experience we can. I would encourage you to request references, but for now, this quote summarises the point:

“… I thought I should drop you a line to say how impressed I am with the team of engineers that are assisting us with the roll out … without a shadow of a doubt, had we engaged ‘standard’ engineers we would have struggled to complete this project within the time constraints put upon us … As a company you have obviously decided that recruitment based on a ‘can do’ attitude is as important as the IT skills of a particular engineer and for this you should be commended …”

David Kelly, IT Director at QHotels

Our Detail

At the start of every relationship, we carry out an extensive Take On Procedure. We know that you cannot provide the level of service we do without knowing all that we seek before the start of the contract – Failing to do this means that in the best-case scenario, the support will be underwhelming and ineffective. We take the learning process very seriously by:

  • Conducting site audits
  • Speaking to 3rd parties – learning how their systems work, the effect on the customers’ business should the 3rd parties’ system become unavailable, how to make the 3rd parties system more resilient, correct paths for escalation, history, and so on…
  • Speaking to users
  • Conducting a health check on the infrastructure to understand strengths and where potential issues may arise.
  • And so on.

Our Documentation

All information gathered in the take-on process is shared with the customer and throughout CMS Group. This allows every support engineer to have a thorough understanding of your infrastructure and for you to have a clear picture of what you have.

Our Flagging

We are proactive in our relationships. The aim is to create a seamless relationship, as though we are a part of your internal team. We look to offer advice where possible. This may be from highlighting concerns picked up from an audit/health

check, from identifying repeat trends in cases logged, or by recognising a concern. We then whiteboard potential options to establish the one that makes the best sense operationally and commercially.

For many of our customers, we hold recurring meetings (e.g. monthly) to review all support calls, their themes and issues. We then may look to drill down into the problems root cause and make it a focus to stop the necessity for those calls (where possible) going forwards.

Full Ownership

Ultimately, we take full ownership over whatever we are tasked with – be it by managing 3rd Parties, doing whatever is necessary to provide a solution, account management (e.g. managing renewals or projects), or ensuring risk aversion (e.g. CAB – expanded upon in section 3 under Risk Mitigation).

Our Size

Vs Smaller

  • We employ our own resource rather than subcontracting it out meaning we have very strong internal technical abilities which can be leveraged in our free-of-charge consultation/whiteboarding sessions.
  • We have a ready availability of staff to ensure there is no delay in requirements. This is proven (as an example) by our service delivery to Village Hotels who have 30 sites nationwide.
  • We can assist with a complete range of requirements, meaning that when you want someone to develop a strategy, we are fully equipped to assist.

Vs Larger

  • We are not too big that you become unimportant. You are someone who means something to us and your dedicated account manager is there to emphasise that.
  • Our internal communications are fluid – be it relating to the ease of our customers getting through to the correct department or the ability for customer information to reach and be made aware of by all relevant internal contacts so that everyone is up to date. In larger companies, there can be a disconnect.
  • We can be more flexible – e.g. we can develop processes for your or flex around your requirements. We can also respond faster to change as we are not trapped to deeply by our own policies.
  • We build excellent relationships with our customers that are both professional and friendly. You need simply ask any of our clients and will find that we have strong relationships with our Account Managers to Engineers. This is made possible through familiarity which is not always possible for larger companies.

What Next?

  • Call: 01254 296 700 (or) 0207 663 5621
  • Email: sales@cms-group.net

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