Why Partner

CMS Group have a very robust Data Center / Cloud offering for full Disaster Recovery and Backup Protection of your Systems and Data.  Finding a backup solution that provides a complete backup answer to both physical and virtual environments has been challenging, however in partnering with Backup Systems we have found a fully managed backup solution that provides this functionality plus many more advantageous features, such as remotely backing up your mobile users, and managing and ensuring that your backups are working.

CMS Group partnered with Backup Systems to essentially offer reliable, cost-effective, enterprise level data protection via managed, centralised, disk / cloud based backups and Disaster Recovery.

How We Work

Firstly, we work with you to get an understanding of your data, your network and the backup requirement.

CMS aim to understand the business requirements, MTR (Mean Time To Recovery), how critical your applications are and what the reality is of an outage of all/some of your applications.  We then design, implement, monitor, support and upgrade the system as required and based on our expertise we will design a system that meets your needs and allows for any expansion plans you may have.

Case Studies

Backup Systems work with City Councils, Local Authorities and many Public and Private sector organisations across Europe to whom they offer a reliable, cost-effective fully managed platform.

The managed backup service is currently being used successfully by many large enterprises in the UK, reference sites are available on request.  For larger companies who have in house servers, an enterprise class server backup is vital to business continuity.

Find Out More

To find out more about CMS Group and Backup Systems Partnership, just get straight back in touch today – darcy.coop@cms-group.net