CMS Group will be celebrating its 25 anniversary next year. Over the past 24 years in business we have never been more proud of our colleagues who not only work to maintain great relationships with our customers, but also have genuinely impressive technical capabilities.

Although we have an unquestionably talented workforce, we couldn’t help but realise that from looking outside in, our website did look rather outdated. So in a mission to prepare ourselves for our 25th anniversary we set out to make sure that CMS Group dresses to impress! We needed a face lift that represented the capabilities of CMS Group.

Knowing full well that the subject of IT can not only be daunting and overwhelming, but also completely uninterpretable to the majority, we set out to build a fresh new site design, based on the principles that it must be simplistic, sleek, and offer valuable information. We believe we have successfully achieved this by offering a site that allows people to accurately learn who CMS are and how we can help.

After 25 years in business CMS is proud of our strong customer relationships and it is because of this that we are still a growing company. Over the next 12 months we are going to be working on increasing our marketing efforts to make sure that we are effectively communicating the exciting developments at CMS and that we maintain an open dialog with our customers and the public.

If you would have a talk with us then you can call: 01254296700 (north) or 02076635621 (south).

You can also send us an email to