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CMS are pleased to announce that we have recently secured a significant six-figure contract to provide the complete IT Infrastructure for a client within the Cloud offering – more on this to be released soon so keep posted…

In this article, we want to summarise how not all cloud offerings are equal and explain why a cloud platform with a support wrapper completely changes the game.

The contract wins mentioned above is based on the world-class IBM Infrastructure which is housed in arguably the premier Data Centre in the north.  CMS architects have designed the model, whereby the primary Infrastructure is based within the Data Centre, together with various application vendors providing their applications through a hosted model. These include Microsoft 365 for email and office.

Different Flavours of Cloud Offerings

By now, the buzz of Cloud computing has died down and people are seeing it for what it is, simply put, compute and storage in a separate location. Although there are different flavours of Cloud on the market, it is generally accepted that the Cloud aims to offer more redundant/available environments which are easily scalable.

The reality is that there is a HUGE range of offerings that all where the same name tag of Cloud. These offerings range from boxes in a warehouse to fully managed industry leading technology in truly incredible buildings built with one purpose in mind, to protect your data.

CMS Platform

CMS have been in the Cloud game for ~5 years now, which is a notable time considering the age of the Market. We are on our second iteration of the cloud and have invested heavily knowing that what we aim to provide is a high quality / performant infrastructure foundation wrapped with the greatest levels of service. We leverage a platform built from the ground up by IBM (i.e. compute, storage and networking elements that were designed to work together) – the IBM PureFlex System:

CMS Service Wrapper

The core ethos of CMS Group is ‘Service and Support’, in fact, this is a key reason why we won the contract above. CMS Groups Support Wrapper around our Cloud offing truly differentiates us from the rest. What do we mean by Support Wrapper?

  • Ability to provide 24*7*365 Support
  • Full admin for IT tasks, e.g. new user creation
  • Change Advisory Board

Other reasons CMS were chosen include the built in tiering for maximum performance within storage, efficient use of different storage tiers along with fixed costs.

Other Cloud Services

You don’t have to run a full live environment to leverage the advantages of the cloud. Other use cases include Backup to the cloud (i.e. offsite), Disaster Recovery, and Hosting (your dedicated hardware/rack).


If you would like to have a tour around our Datacenter to see it for yourself or discuss in any way, simply get in touch.

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