CMS Group is now 25 years old. Unlike most companies in this industry, support and service is at the core of what we do (rather than shifting tin). Central to delivering great support is our IT Service Desk. The IT Service Desk (based in Blackburn, not abroad) is often the first point that any call is raised, each call is handled by a highly trained IT professional who will deal with the issue (rather than a call logger). Because of this, we have invested considerable time and money into making our IT Service Desk something truly impressive. We are proud to announce that our IT Service Desk has now got even better.

First Time Fix

At the beginning of 2015, our First Time Fix on the IT Service Desk was circa 75%. This is great as it means that 75% of all calls raised are resolved there and then on the initial call, without any form of escalation or requirement for Field Support. This is critical to our customers as it means we get their staff back up and working as soon as possible.

IT Service Desk Improvements

As part of our ethos of continuous improvement, we have actively worked to offer our customer even better IT Support by reviewing all our processes and are proud to say that we have now raised this First Time Fix from 75% to 89%! This means that 89% of all calls are fixed on the initial call (minimum end-user disruption). Needless to say, we would like to congratulate the IT Service Desk team on their achievement to increase the already great results and feedback we were getting.

Real Example

Andrew McLaughlan (FD at Emerson & Renwick) recently called our Service Desk after moving their IT Support to CMS Group. The call was regarding an issue he had been having for 12 months where their previous IT Support partner had been unable to resolve for that period. During the first call to CMS Groups IT Service Desk, the issue was resolved and Andrew commended the Engineer for their ability and professionalism in handling the call.

Other Stats

Below are more stats on CMS Group’s IT Service Desk, these stats are all completely accurate and untouched. We would love to invite you round to the Blackburn office (Service Desk hub) to talk you through how we have managed to achieve this high standard of IT Support (alternatively, we can come to you).

  • 91.4% of calls answered under 2 mins
  • 89% first contact resolution
  • 3:37 minutes call handling time
  • Only 1% of call require Field Support escalation
  • Over 99% customer support satisfaction for 5 years running


  • Support & Service at heart of CMS (vs tin shifting)
  • Improved First Time Fix on calls from 75% to 89% meaning customers are up and working as soon as possible
  • Customers are seeing the results

What Next?

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