“A great help to our newly growing business, constantly delivering a good service”


GS Technology




1 UK Site

Internal IT Team



Full IT Support (Users & Infrastructure) 24*7

Key Technologies

Office 365, Meraki CCTV & WiFi, NetGear switches, Full Office Devices, Trend AV, etc…



The Client

GS Technology is the UK arm of the business which provides Online Casino services as well as live support to these services.

GS Technology were set up as a new business by the oversea’s parent company as a means to operate their services within the UK.

One such Casino which GS Technology owns is the notable Bcasino.

Initial Requirements

GS Technology were expanding into the UK market for the first time and as a result, needed their site fully setting up from scratch, with tight time constraints.

Due to the nature of their business, any downtime would be very costly. With this in mind, they also needed competent IT Support available and active 24*7.

CMS Solution

CMS worked closely with GS Technology to understand their requirements, whilst also consulting on the best method to approach it. We built their IT platform as a new business Office 365, Meraki CCTV & Wifi, Netgear Switching, Full Office Devices (such as PCs and Printers), Trend AV, and so on.

After installation, we wrapped the IT up in a full 24*7*365 support offering from end-user remote support to proactive infrastructure support. In addition, we work closely with GS Technology to manage their 3rd Party vendors such as their Internet Provider to ensure the business avoids single points of failure.


James Marks, Director at GS Technology

Would you recommend CMS Group?
Yes, an efficient partner is what all businesses need.

How would you describe the CMS Support offering?
Always very efficient.

How do you think CMS compares to previous providers?
This is our first provider.

How has using our support been so far?
A great help to our newly growing business, constantly delivering a good service.

How do you find the communication with CMS?
They are very good at conveying information and listening.

What results have you seen?
As we are a 24-hour business their 24-hour support system has been invaluable.

Can you describe why you were looking to change, and why you chose CMS?
CMS was chosen for us by our head office.

How has CMS’s product benefitted you and your team?
Their effective IT solutions allow us to remain focused on running our business with the hassle of downtime.

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