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Specialists in Global Hospitality IT Support

CMS has been supporting Hotel Groups for over 25 years. Throughout those 25 years we have developed a deep understanding of the Hospitality landscape and the applications/vendors that support this industry. These vendors operate worldwide, so a hotel in Europe, the Americas or the Rest of the World will deal with the same apps and have the same issues. This means that CMS can support your Hotels wherever it is situated. Critical to good support is managing 3rd parties.

3rd Party Management

We fully manage 3rd parties that means the end users call a single desk who ‘owns’ the problem where we will manage through to resolution. This speeds up resolution, in turn freeing up your staff to better serve the customer.  Examples of 3rd parties are EPOS, Comms, LOB apps etc.

Due to our experience with Hospitality IT Support, we are able to offer excellent advice on effective actions other clients have carried out.

Whether you are looking for at a project, a roll-out, a degree of support to work alongside internal IT or a full wrapper of support services, we are perfectly suited to helping you achieve your objectives.

The CMS Service Desk

Our support desk is comprised of technical staff (not call loggers) that facilitate a speedy resolution to issues, and where a third party needs engaging we will likely have experience of known issues and will escalate to the 3rd party and manage to resolution on your behalf; even providing a RFO if the issue is recurring.

CMS has invested heavily in advanced technology and built our company in a way that enables us to:

  • Build highly resilient and redundant site to prevent issues from happening in the first place.
  • Support any user/site, anywhere, 24/7/365.
  • Proactive support, e.g.
    • Build bespoke scripts to find and fix issues automatically.
    • Centrally manage all devices (e.g. app/policy deployment).
    • Patch management.
    • Report on the health, security, and stability of the entire environment, etc.

IT Strategy & Projects

Beyond day-to-day support, we work with our clients on IT Strategy and projects, acting as a seat on the table. Whether it’s working on a holistic 36 month IT Strategy Roadmap, or working with the business and vendors to manage opening new sites, or solution roll outs. We are part of your IT team, able to provide teams of subject specialists depending on your needs at the time. 


What Next?

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3rd Party Relationships

Some of the key Hospitality 3rd Parties we work closely with include: