Whether buying a single PC or planning your annual budget, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money… In this article, we highlight different tools you can leverage as well as some helpful tips to help you get the best IT Deals.


Lenovo: Cash-back & Refuse to Lose

Lenovo is currently playing an aggressive move in their goal to own more of the market. This means that they are currently representing extremely good value on what is industry leading tech! They are using various plays such as their Refuse to Lose to HP or Dell Direct on orders up to £50k (orders in Q1).

Another method is their ever popular cash-back scheme run each month where selected products qualify for cash-back! E.g. (on select items) £50 per PC, £50 per monitor, £100 on workstations, £125 on TS140, etc. Ask CMS for details.


As you can imagine, there is a constant churn of products from all vendors going on a promotion. Most of the time these promotions are only visible through the supplier network so it can be good practice to ask your account manager about this. CMS always takes current promotions into account when providing quotes.

Deal Registration & Special Bids

When looking at larger deals, Deal Registration is often the best tool to achieve savings on the proposal. Once registered we can request a Special Bid where the vendor may allow for a noticeable discount. CMS leverage’s this wherever possible for our customers and is the reason we ask for as much information about the competing quote as the more we pass on to the vendor, the more leverage there is to increase the discount.


  • Ask your CMS Account Manager! They are constantly reviewing all the best IT Deals and work with our customers to make sure they get the best deal.
  • Think long term, what will be the best price/value over 3-5 years. If you buy cheap will it last? Sometimes buying cheap costs you more…
  • Something cheaper may not be better value. You should also consider things like performance, reliability, usability, longevity, reputation and so on…
  • Can you be more flexible and look at alternative products? Or do you need it to mirror current infrastructure?
  • Build a short/mid/long term strategy to ensure every pound spent goes towards goal vs reactive. CMS can sit down to help you construct this plan.
  • Be careful, grey goods / EU imports can look like the same product at a much cheaper cost, however, they often cause issues with warranty, compatibility and contents. These do not always state that they are from these sources so if you see the same item significantly cheaper, enquire where it’s from…
  • Think ahead, is it scalable? I.e. will it allow room for the necessary growth or will it need to be replaced which will cost more money in the long run?

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