3rd Line IT Support Overview

3rd Line Support provides proactive management and resolution of your core IT Infrastructure such as servers, storage, network, backups, and so on.

Whether you’re looking for a technical safety-net to ask questions, or a highly technical team to work alongside. The CMS 3rd Line IT Support provides a pro-active, highly technical, support wrapper that can identify potential issues before they manifest into something more detrimental – saving your business from downtime.

System Monitoring

Having our monitoring solution in place allows our 3rd Line department (as well as yourself) to proactively monitor your infrastructure, often identifying issues before they manifest into anything hindering.

The monitoring solution we use an extremely powerful tool. Leveraging this allows us to keep a finger on the pulse on the state of your infrastructure with a live view of what is going on. Internally we have a NOC (Network Operating Center) that constantly monitors to see if anything needs bringing to our customer’s attention and if we need to rapidly carry out any work.

What Next?

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