Uncapped Consultations, Free!

Our aim is to work with you as though we are part of your internal team. Because of this, we offer all our customers uncapped consultations with experts across all fields at no charge.

For example – if you are looking into a project or problem (big or small), we would set up a meeting with Professional Services to delve into the objectives and build the best plan forwards. We do not charge for these as they add real value to our relationships and give our customers the reassurance that they can get the direction they need.

Keeping You in the Loop

We’ve learned that keeping our customers in the loop with both issues logged and priority situations helps both parties. Not only do we do we feed this information live to our customers (delegated contacts), but also internally to all CMS Group’s relevant staff (e.g. account manager, heads of service departments, etc.…).

We make our IT Support as transparent as possible so our customers can know exactly what’s happening and when, and what progress is being made. We have numerous methods to keep you up to date such as:

  • Email updates on each action and status change
  • Email alerts on any escalations
  • All possible types of report generation upon request
  • A portal to view open cases

Improved Purchasing

Some customers choose to take advantage of our Requisite site. Requisite is a platform we have built where any user within an organisation with sufficient privileges can purchase from pre-agreed list equipment only, ensuring all your hardware and software stay consistent. This also greatly reduces the burden upon the purchasing members of staff.

If a member of staff purchases a laptop via our Requisite site, we can include imaging and installation so that when it arrives, everything is ready.

Risk Mitigation

Change Control – Any potential changes to your environment (e.g. updates, new install, etc) can be put through CAB (Change Advisory Board).  Here, they are documented we examine the business drivers, the effectiveness of the solution, risk analysis and rollback options. This prevents both unseen surprises, as well as an outlined plan to restore the working environment should the change cause issues.

Solution Design – We design our solutions to be fully redundant with no single point of failure. On top of that, we recommend you adopt the relevant protection means by outlining the options and reasons for each.

Once a solution is agreed upon, we then can build it in a Proof of Concept to test how it works with your applications and other variables to ensure there are no issues, or if there are, to identify them and overcome them before the live date.

Processes – We build personalised processes for each of our customers around their requirements. A small example of this is that for some customers we recommend we store spare critical equipment that is pre-configured and ready for rapid deployment in the event of a failure. This is to prevent the unnecessary lead time of delivery and builds for equipment that would cause too much disruption to your business should it fail.

Warranties- We strongly recommend you cover all your equipment with hardware warranties. On top of vendor warranties, we can also offer 3rd party warranties which cover equal or greater cover / SLAs but at a notably better price than the vendor warranties.

As for renewals of both warranties and licences, your Account Manager can manage these for you, giving you the peace of mind that nothing will be missed.

Proactive Relationship – As we constantly monitoring our customer’s infrastructure, we can quickly identify any issues or inefficiencies and recommend better practice approaches to solve them. We are constantly trying to add value.

What Next?

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