We can assist you with any IT Projects you have in mind, such as:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Project Installation
  • Consultations
  • Health Checks

When looking at a project, we would aim to visit for a whiteboarding session to review your objectives and the best options to achieve them. We involve Professional Services in these whiteboarding sessions and do not charge for these.


As with all projects, we would first like to approach this by meeting to fully flesh out your objectives and whiteboard high level routes forward to establish what would best help and fit in line with the businesses interests.

From there we would look to carry out audits and a health check of the current infrastructure to fully understand what we are dealing with and to identify any potential issues with the current setup. The audits/health checks are carried out by the Professional Services to ensure their effectiveness, they require we study the infrastructures configuration critically. From there, we would document the findings whilst compiling our recommendations and look to meet and discuss.

It is worth noting that when we put forward infrastructure proposals, we include the options for leasing and display detailed TCOs to help you best make your decision over the long term view.

The 4 D’s

With all projects, we adhere to our “4 D’s” approach – Discover, Document, Discuss & Deliver:

  • Discover
    • Audit Infrastructure and System
    • Identify any issues with the current setup
    • Verify support/upgrade contracts in place and SLA’s
  • Document
    • Document findings
    • Highlight areas of concern as ‘urgent needs attention’, ‘needs attention in near future’, ‘recommended but not necessary’
  • Discuss
    • Meeting with the client to discuss where the business currently is, and to understand the business plans for the next 5 years
    • To discuss the findings of the audit, discuss any areas that may immediately impact the business
    • Discuss high level what the business needs from IT and how the IT landscape may change
    • Whiteboard options to take IT from an existing position to where it needs to be
    • Produce a high-level strategy aligning IT to the agreed strategy
  • Deliver
    • Once the strategy is agreed, we ensure all work going forwards must align with the strategy to ensure commercially that expenditure aligns with strategy (and thus that there is no reactive waste to capital or resource time – every pound spent works towards the goal).

What Next?

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