Lancashire Renewables

"The CMS office staff, the technicians and the business architects have always been very approachable understanding my needs and requirements. I would always recommend CMS to other parties."


The Client

In March 2007, Lancashire County Council, Blackpool Council and Global Renewables, signed what was then the UK’s largest waste PFI contract; a £2bn, 25-year agreement to process the household waste of 1.4m people in Lancashire.

The sites cost £250m to build, spanning a combined 31.6 total Hectares and process 300,000 tonnes of waste per year.

They do this by extracting the maximum amount of recyclables for reuse and then transforming the organic portion of the waste into a high-quality compost-like product called Organic Growth Medium (OGM). This will be used for land restoration across the county, as well as being used to plant 2.5m trees over the course of the contract to improve our natural environment.

Initial Requirements

In 2014, Global renewables started a relationship with CMS Group initially to provide annual leave cover (i.e. holidays and sickness).

CMS Solution

CMS started the relationship by providing the annual leave cover, giving a “flick of a switch” change of IT support from the internal department to our own when needed. This then escalated into a full 3rd Line (infrastructure) support contract where the CMS team works closely with the internal IT department providing proactive support over the IT infrastructure, as well as out of hours support.

In addition, we have carried out infrastructure refreshes, built a full DR site with live replication between sites, and managed the rebranding of the business (new domain, migrating DNS records, managed email migration, etc) amongst other work.


Mark Rice, Business Systems & Support Engineer at Lancashire Renewables

Would you recommend CMS Group?
"The CMS office staff, the technicians and the business architects have always been very approachable, understanding my needs and requirements. I would always recommend CMS to other parties.

How do you find the communication with CMS?
We communicate with CMS support via personal email, support desk email or directly over the phone. CMS allow me to make that choice. If I need to liaise with someone directly and they’re not available, they will always call back.

How would you describe the CMS Support offering?
CMS not only offer immediate support on all IT related issues they also monitor existing systems and will occasionally raise a service call before I have even noticed a problem. In addition, they will direct me to the appropriate support if not in our CMS contract.

How do you think CMS compares to previous providers?
Sometimes a problem may require a number of support vendors to discuss a problem between themselves. CMS are always willing to take part in a ‘cross-company’ discussion ready to take full ownership if that’s the outcome.

Can you describe why you were looking to change, and why you chose CMS?
Initially we were looking for a company to provide specialist support above our own technical abilities but to be more flexible in the types of calls we raised. Also, a suitable location was essential. With CMS we were fortunate as they respond to every IT call we raise, they are willing to show us how to resolve some issues, their technical awareness is excellent, and they are situated no more than 40 minutes away.

How has CMS’s product benefitted you and your team?
We have upgraded all of our systems over the last 2 years, we used CMS to advise & implement most of them (Backup hardware & Veeam solution, SAN hardware replacement & configuration, DR Solution implementations and networked UPS recommendation & implementation). All projects were delivered on time, to the agreed costs with only minor issues that were resolved immediately; all whilst providing continued IT support at the same high level. In addition, CMS provided support/direction on systems upgraded by other vendors (Netgear switch infrastructure) and to date, our IT systems appear to be running smoother than ever.

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