About The Client: Emerson & Renwick

Emerson & Renwick is a leading manufacturer of production machinery. Exports account for more than 80% of the total turnover. The company has a number of patented products and has a global reputation for engineering excellence and product reliability. Over the recent years they have faced rapid growth.

Why CMS Group Partnership?

Emerson & Renwick had 3 key challenges:

  1. IT Support – already having moved between 2 other MSPs and not being satisfied.
  2. Aged IT Infrastructure – end of life, needing a major redesign, and consistent backup issues.
  3. Poor Wifi – to replace aged solution, and enable a mobile workforce. made more challenging due to the nature of the manufacturing sites spread buildings and obstructions.

The Solution

  1. IT Support
    At this stage,  Emerson & Renwick were conscious that they needed to partner with the right company. CMS were awarded the contract as we were seen as the more strategic and proactive partner. 5 years later our relationship is very strong. We have built in a fully managed IT Support wrapper, including support of end-users, the infrastructure, and consulting. At the same time, we work closely with them on their IT strategy to support their rapidly growing business.
  1. Aged Infrastructure
    After a deep review, and highlighting the entanglement of the existing setup to being built upon over a few iterations. We agreed that to deliver the best end state, instead of a big bang approach, it needed a more considered, phased approach to ensure a better migration (e.g. bringing together a dispersed file system). The solution has performed excellently and is now supported (not just by a capable team) but also advanced automations, ensuring problems are automatically fixed, faster than a human could engage.
  1. Poor Wifi
    The nature of many manufacturing sites typically causes challenges for Wifi deployments, often sites are wide spread, with multiple sites on site, with a great deal of machinery causing signal blockage, in addition, weather and temperature threats. This was the case for Emerson & Renwick. We knew we needed a solution that could stand up to these challenges, and last the duration – so we went with Meraki (industry leader, renowned for its quality, and features).

After a comprehensive Wifi survey, we are confident on exactly how many devices are needed, where to place them and what their coverage would be. Next we got the client some free demo kit, to test out and be confident that it was what they were looking for. Meraki was very well accepted.


Why did Emerson & Renwick decide to go with Meraki? They didn’t want a traditional (signal only) solution, as with Meraki, they can benefit from:

    • With a rapidly growing, dispersed workforce, that also is allowed to Bring Their Own Devices, the following is highly beneficial:
      • Footfall Heatmaps – showing location frequency of devices and people.
      • Mobile Device Analytics such as websites, and applications – giving additional management reporting
    • Constant updates, with continuous improvements. At the same time, the license serves as a hardware warranty giving confidence that should there be faults, you need not spend money repurchasing.
    • Rapidly change deployments (e.g. create new Wifi network for “Suzuki” for when they visit site) from anywhere, to any site
    • No onsite management hardware required.
    • Device and traffic controls – e.g.  allow / disallow web activity (such as only allow social media at lunch time, block all gambling, etc)
    • Geofence devices. Allowing management to know where all company devices are, get alerts if they leave the area, and even wipe the devices data if they do (or just lock them).

Customer Reference:

Andrew McLaughlan (Financial Director, Emerson & Renwick Limited) stated that “the primary remit for CMS was to release key Emerson & Renwick personnel from daily fire-fighting of IT issues. This has been achieved due to the quality and accessibility of the CMS remote service desk.”

For You:

Does any of this relate to you? If so, we can help you with:

  • Obtaining a free Meraki Access Point, switch or demo kit.
  • Consultation on IT Infrastructure challenges and projects (free of charge).
  • Discuss you IT Support requirements.

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