Who Are Emerson & Renwick?

Emerson & Renwick is a leading manufacturer of production machinery and established for over 90 years. Exports account for more than 80% of the total turnover and the company’s product markets include wallcovering, automotive/heat exchanger, coating and laminating, and special purpose machinery. The company has a number of patented products and has a global reputation for engineering excellence and product reliability.


Andrew McLaughlan (Financial Director, Emerson & Renwick Limited) stated that “the primary remit for CMS was to release key Emerson & Renwick personnel from daily fire-fighting of IT issues. This has been achieved due to the quality and accessibility of the CMS remote service desk.”

Why CMS Group Partnership?

Emerson & Renwick contacted CMS Group with the remit of reviewing the existing IT Infrastructure & IT Support to ensure that it was delivering the required level of service to the business; the challenge being that there had been no major change made to the Infrastructure in recent years, thus prompting a requirement for a review.

Emerson & Renwick chose CMS Group through the detailed and considered approach that was demonstrated. CMS invested time in understanding the root cause of the issues that existed and delivered a project plan that addressed these issues. This provided Emerson & Renwick management with the confidence to engage with CMS as their IT partner to deliver the re-design of their Infrastructure, together with putting in a complete support package to the end users.  One of the factors that impressed Emerson & Renwick management was the ability of the CMS Support Desk to rectify up to 75% of problems remotely which typically provides a fix within five minutes of the problem being reported.


CMS Group Provides…

CMS Group spent time understanding Emerson & Renwick’s business, and how future business development may affect their IT and end users. With this in mind, CMS Group presented several Infrastructure options, explaining how each would affect their IT and end-user experience over time.

Implementation of this processes enabled CMS Group to help Emerson & Renwick set a clear cut, cost-effective direction for their IT which would work seamlessly alongside their predicted future business development. In this way, future IT requirements will be foreseen and acted on as part of a larger strategic plan instead of being a reactive maintenance fix which generally causes issues further down the line.

CMS Group acts as Emerson & Renwick’s IT Department, from remote Service Desk to on-site Engineers and 3rd Line Proactive Support. CMS manages all 3rd party application communications, allowing a single point of contact for Emerson & Renwick users. This is especially important as the end user may not always understand where the fault may lie.

CMS Group provides complete statistics on their IT Support (access via a web portal) such as:

  • Average time to answer
  • Average time to fix
  • Route cause analysis
  • 3rd Party Performance against their Contractual SLA’s

What Next?

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