In this article, I lay out some insightful statistics on Hospitality IT Support. This is made possible as CMS Group Ltd are the specialists in Hospitality IT Support (for over 20 years, CMS has provided 24*7*365, nationwide IT Support to a wide range of Hospitality clients).

I have reviewed a sample of 50,000 support tickets of our Hospitality clients. The data is comparable in that my sample only includes 24*7 contracts, end-user (non-infrastructure) tickets, over a 12-month period (to avoid seasonal deviations).

Looking at the time-day behaviour of users raising tickets, we can see that…

Tickets raised by time:

Tickets raised by day – 12% of which are raised on a Saturday-Sunday (24 hr):

Total tickets outside of core office hours are 29% (all excluding Mon-Fri, 9-5):

With the above in mind, office hours only account for 24% of the hours in a week. Working in hospitality we know that the industry is non-stop, and in fact, the most critical (revenue affecting) time that you need IT to work typically falls outside of office hours (such as guests checking in or dining).

Therefore, it is critical that your staff are supported by a thorough IT Support model to ensure that there is no potential for loss of revenue.

We find that clients have one or two problems here:

  1. The cost and administration of running an internal team to cover a 24*7*365 shift rota is either unattractive/not viable. This is compounded by holidays/absences, staff churn/training, the need for specialisation, and the lack of economies of scale.
  2. Internal IT do not wish to, or currently are, being dragged into the time consuming, reactive IT Support of low level (e.g. break-fix) IT Support. This is a serious time sponge and takes away the Internal IT teams’ ability to drive the business forward.

This is generally the point at which CMS Group are asked to assist. We complement the internal IT Team by allowing them to offload all reactive IT Support. We provide a very highquality support, 24*7*365, taking full ownership of problems – this includes managing issues through to resolution with 3rd parties on behalf of users.

Stats of relevance for our Service:

First Contact Resolution (FCR) – 94.7%:

Answer time – 77% of calls to our Service Desk are answered under 30 seconds, 93% under 2 minutes.

  • This is more notable when you consider that we do not employ call loggers. Each call a user makes goes directly to an engineer who is likely able to resolve the issue straight away.

Tickets resolved remotely vs needing to escalate to field – over 99% of tickets were resolved remotely (1 in 250 calls require field escalation):

The above points demonstrate the importance of having capable engineers (not call loggers), readily available to help your staff with issues as they arise. I often find clients are surprised by how much can be resolved remotely with the right team.

I hope you found the above of interest, and of course, there is much more to the story. If you would like to discuss this in more detail or see how a similar model may work for you, then feel free to contact me.

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Oliver Coop

Account Director

CMS Group



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