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Working closely with you as consultants to develop a 36-month rolling IT Strategy Roadmap with the primary aim of ensuring IT is best supporting the business's objectives.

Every business & roadmap is different, some simply want a timeline to know when kit will go end-of-life, but many want to be able to understand how IT can better help them achieve operational success. 

Stages Involved

Agree Success Criteria

Establish the key focuses of the roadmap, and measures of success on review. 

Budgets Model

Building a model of the current budgets - agreements: spend, renewal periods, etc

Roadmap Design

Once agreed, we can build out a technical design, and stages for the roadmap.

Business Operations Review

IT aside, we start by understanding the business's operations - challenges, objectives, changes, etc.

Technical Audit

Technical audit of the environment to find recommendations, concerns, areas-of-improvements, etc.

Managed Delivery

Post-design, we work closely with the client to see the implementation success over the months. 

Granular IT Review

Look at the current IT estate - what's deployed, policies, impressions of, future aspirations, efficacy, etc.

Client Review

Collate our findings and roadmap options. Discussed with the client and understand preferred routes. 

Periodic Review

Meeting periodically to review the roadmaps, to see if any changes or new requirements need to be built in.

Harvie Rollins, Head of IT at English Lakes Hotels

Case Study

“For any operators looking for a hospitality-centric IT support and solutions provider, that will actually become part of your extended team and not just another faceless contact for your staff,

CMS should be the first call you make, top of the list.”


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Salesbury Hall Road,
Ribchester, PR3 3XR


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